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Château Troplong Mondot 2006 – Review

Forget fancy juice boxes, this weekend I popped the cork on a bottle of something truly special: a 2006 Troplong Mondot! Now, this French fancy-pants wine isn’t your everyday sip, but let me tell you, it was an experience! Dive in with me to see if this Bordeaux bad boy deserves a spot on your next special occasion.

Exact Wine Name: Château Troplong Mondot 2006 (or Troplong Mondot 2006)
Producer: Château Troplong Mondot
Country/Region of Origin: France, Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (Premier Grand Cru Classé)
Grape Varietal(s): Primarily Merlot (around 90%), with some Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Red Wine
Style: Full-bodied, rich, complex
Vintage Year: 2006
ABV: Around 14%
Price Range: $82.15 – $253.95 USD (depending on bottle size, condition, and retailer)
Aroma Profile Details: Red fruit (blackberry, blueberry), blackcurrant, spice (cloves, pepper), floral notes, earth (powdered rock), hints of coffee and tobacco.
Flavor Profile Details: Rich and full-bodied, with ripe fruit flavors, moderate acidity, medium tannins, hints of spice and earth.
Peak Drinking Window: Generally considered to be drinking well now (2024) and can potentially age for another 10-15 years.
Classification Status: Premier Grand Cru Classé (the highest classification level in Saint-Émilion)

Château Troplong Mondot 2006 Testing Notes

So, I cracked open this bottle of Troplong Mondot 2006 with some friends. Let me tell you, it was awesome! First thing that jumped out at me was the color – super dark, like grape juice that got left out in the sun too long.

We swirled it around in the glass, and all these cool smells came out. Imagine dark fruits – like those juicy blackberries you pick in summer – mixed with dirt (in a good way!) and a little bit of pepper. Kinda like sticking your nose in a yummy fruit basket after it rained!

Then came the sip. It filled your mouth up completely, not like that fizzy stuff. More like a smooth, rich hug. The berry taste was definitely there, but not too sweet. There was also this cool dirt flavor, kind of like when you lick good dark chocolate (don’t tell mom!). The tannins, which can make wine taste yucky, were actually pretty smooth. Like a little tickle at the end that makes you want to go back for more.

Overall, this wine was really good. It seemed old but tasted great, and the flavors kept changing in a fun way. If you're looking for a fancy wine to drink for a special day, this Troplong Mondot might be the one! Just be warned, it costs a lot more than your regular juice box!


  • Rich and complex flavor profile
  • Excellent aging potential
  • Premier Grand Cru Classé status - a mark of quality
  • Generally well-received by critics


  • Can be expensive
  • May be too full-bodied for some palates
  • Limited availability


  • Drinkability 4.3/5
  • Food Pairing 4.5/5
  • Value for Money 3.8/5
  • Personal Preference 4.6/5

Overall, this Troplong Mondot was like, whoa! It seemed old but tasted amazing, and the flavors kept changing in a fun way. If you’re looking for a fancy grown-up drink for a special day, this one might be the winner! Just remember, it costs way more than your regular juice box!

Château Troplong Mondot 2006

Food Buddies for Your Troplong Mondot!

This Troplong Mondot isn’t your average juice box, it needs food that’s strong like it is! Think of it like this:

  • Big Meats: This wine loves hanging out with big, juicy foods like yummy grilled steak, chops, or even a slow-cooked roast. They’re both strong and bold, so they become best buds in your mouth!
  • Roasted Veggie Party: Forget boring veggies! Roasting them in the oven with some pepper and stuff makes them sweet and smoky, which goes perfectly with the earthy taste of the wine.
  • Hearty Stew Time: Ever had a super thick and yummy stew? This wine loves those too! It cuts through all that richness and makes everything taste even better.
  • Cheesy Fun: Feeling fancy? Pair your Troplong Mondot with some strong cheeses like cheddar or gouda. They’re both full of flavor and taste amazing together!

Foods That Don’t Play Nice

While this Troplong Mondot is pretty cool, there are some foods it doesn’t like to play with:

  • Tiny Bites: Salad or fishy things that are light and don’t have much flavor get lost next to this strong wine. It’s like whispering in a loud room, nobody hears you!
  • Plain Seafood (But Wait!): Most seafood is kinda delicate and doesn’t like the strong taste of this wine. But wait! If the seafood has a creamy or tomato sauce, it can actually be a good friend to the wine!

When to Open This Special Bottle

This Troplong Mondot is like a fancy party outfit – you don’t wear it every day! Here’s when to bring it out:

  • Special Days: Birthday, anniversary, or maybe you got a good grade? This wine is like a celebration in a bottle, perfect for making things extra special!
  • Wine Explorer: Do you love trying different types of wine? This one is aged and complex, meaning it has lots of interesting flavors. It’s like a fun adventure for your taste buds!
  • Fancy Treat: Sometimes you just wanna feel fancy, right? Pop open this bottle and enjoy a delicious, grown-up drink! But remember, it’s like a special toy, so save it for when you really want to treat yourself!

The Last Drop

Troplong Mondot’s not your usual drink! It’s a fancy grown-up wine, strong and full of flavor. Like a superhero for your mouth! Not for sweets fans, but for something new and exciting, it’s a fun adventure! A bit pricey, so save it for special days or feeling fancy. Think of it like a special toy for your taste buds! Cool and yummy, but for grown-ups who like strong flavors. or?


Who owns Troplong Mondot?

As of today, June 11, 2024, Troplong Mondot isn’t owned by a person anymore! It’s owned by a big French company called SCOR. They’re kind of like grown-up firefighters, helping businesses stay safe financially. They bought the winery in 2017.

Is Troplong Mondot sweet or dry?

This wine is definitely on the dry side. It has rich fruit flavors, but they’re not sugary sweet.

Is Troplong Mondot hard to drink?

Not necessarily! It’s full-bodied, so it fills your mouth up more than a light and fizzy wine. But the tannins (which can sometimes make wine taste rough) are smooth in this one.

How much does Troplong Mondot cost?

Troplong Mondot 2006 can be a bit pricey. The exact cost depends on where you buy it and the size of the bottle, but expect to pay more than you would for a regular bottle of wine, Starts from around $99.99 USD

Is Troplong Mondot good for beginners?

This might not be the best choice for someone who’s just starting to explore wine. It’s a bold and complex flavor, so you might prefer something lighter and fruitier to begin with.