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How to Choose the Perfect Case of Wine in 2024 

The question everyone is asking, how many bottles in a case of wine? The magic number is 12. Over time, 12 has emerged as the just-right amount for wineries and shops when boxing up those tasty vinos.

This dozen dilemma solved, now we can explore crafting custom 12 pack bottle cases brimming with variety! Mix old favorites with new regions. Splurge on rare finds or stock up on affordable sipping. Tailor cases to events, gifts, or quiet nights in. With thousands of labels on shelves or just clicks away, the permutations feel endless.

Yet even oenophiles need a guiding compass now and then. Let this guide perk your palate as we uncork what to seek in specialty wine cases, from knowing exact counts to judging case deals. Read on for tips on tagging that case packed with your perfect pour!

how many bottles in a case of wine

Understanding the Basics

So How Many Bottles in a Case of Wine?

Most wine cases hold 12 regular 750ml bottles. Over time, wineries and shops settled on packing 12 bottles as the common case size that works well for everyone. Other odd case sizes like 6 bottles or 16 bottles pop up sometimes. But 12 bottles makes it easy to ship, store and sell the wine. So next time you’re stocking up, odds are a case will get you a dozen!

750ml is the normal volume you’ll see on single wine bottles from the store. This standard 750ml bottle size holds about 25 ounces of wine – plenty for one person with dinner or to enjoy over an evening. In the early days of packaging wine, 750ml made for affordable, portable single serving bottles. As bigger multi-liter bottles came about, 750ml stuck as the go-to individual size for labels worldwide.

What Kinds of Wine Come in Cases?

You name it – wineries package everything from bright crisp whites to smooth velvety reds in cases. Dry Sauvignon Blancs, fruity Rieslings, rich Cabernets – no matter the flavor, it likely comes by the case. Big brand name wines crank out loads of cases for cheap everyday drinking. Smaller vineyards bottle cases too when their grapes make exceptional wines people want more of!

Any Tips for Shipping Wine Cases?

Getting awesome wines safely to your door takes care. Boxing cases tight in bubble wrap and foam sleeves prevents breakage. Fragile markings also warn onlookers to handle with care! Extreme heat and cold can ruin wine over time too. So trucking cases in climate controlled trailers keeps the wine tasty. Whites and lighter reds travel better than big concentrated reds. But all wines fare better than broken bottles – so pack them right!

Lots of wine sellers give free shipping when you buy 12 or more bottles – since cases ship cheaper for them, they discount for you. Online wine clubs hook new members with a shipping perk. Or limited sale wines may ship free to move more inventory. Either way, scoring free delivery makes filling your cellar with a variety case pretty appealing!

Picking Out the Perfect Wines for Any Occasion

With so many options on store shelves, selecting wines in volume can feel overwhelming! But keep it simple – stick to varieties you already enjoy drinking or ask wine shop staff for food-pairing ideas that match your flavors. Building custom cases around brighter whites for summer sipping or richer reds for cozy nights makes the variety pack more “you”. And it never hurts to toss in a bold new bottle to spice things up!

For sipping on their own or pairing with steaks, pastas and grilled fare, you can’t go wrong buying cases of popular reds like Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot or Malbec. Their smooth tannins and oak notes make them easy drinking crowd-pleasers. Or explore similar medium-bodied reds like Montepulciano, Chianti or Rioja for affordable complexity. Just steer clear of bolder tannic varieties like Nebbiolo unless you plan to cellar them.

How Can You Curate the Perfect Mixed Case for Special Events?

Birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties – custom cases make thoughtful gifts! Blend birthday honorees’ favorite varieties with new labels to try. Anniversaries call for splurge-worthy bubbles plus sentimental wines from that vintage year. Dinner party cases allow guests to compare regional styles side-by-side. And don’t forget the rosé when planning spring and summer soirées! Mixing styles and flavors tailored to recipients makes cases more meaningful.

Crisp whites guaranteed to satisfy big groups or small gatherings come in cases too! Evergreen choices like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio offer bright fruit with refreshing finishes. Or discover white blends like Trebbiano, Verdicchio and Viognier-Marsanne boasting beautiful balance. With lower tannins, whites drink well chilled right after delivery. So cases keep the summer vibes flowing.

Which Effervescent Bubblies Can I Buy by the Sparkling Case?

What’s a celebration without some sparkle? Birthdays, weddings and graduations all call for splurging on full cases of vibrant bubbles! You’ll find Italian Proseccos, Spanish Cavas, red wine,rose wine and domestic sparkling wines packaged in cases in addition the iconic French Champagnes. With fresh stone fruit flavors and crisp acidity, sparkling wines satisfy light drinking occasions or toast those big milestones equally. Just take care when transporting fragile bubble-filled bottles!

Party Time & Wine Count: How Much is Too Much (and Too Little)?

Party Time & Wine

Planning a bash and want to avoid the “wine drought” drama? Let’s crack the code on case quantities and prevent thirsty meltdowns:

Guest Guzzle:

  • Party People & Pour Power: Expect guests to sip around 2-3 glasses each.
  • Bottle Breakdown: One 750ml bottle yields about 5 glasses. Do the math!
  • Party-Size Portions: For 20 guests, aiming for 40 glasses ensures everyone gets their fill.

Pouring Per Person:

  • Red Rangers: Heavier pours, expect 4-5oz per glass.
  • White Wine Warriors: Lighter sips, aim for 3-4oz per glass.

Case Counts & Calculations:

  • 10-15 Bottles per 10 People: This rule of thumb gives wiggle room for extra mouths and preferences.
  • Round Up & Roam: Add in some bubbly, popular whites, and easy-drinking reds to keep the options flowing.
  • Five Cases for Future Fun: Start with 5 cases for a 20-person party. Leftovers become bonus bottles for future soirées!

Cost Considerations: From Budget Basics to Boutique Splurges

The price range for wine cases is wider than the Grand Canyon – it can vary from $50 to a jaw-dropping $5,000! Let’s explore the landscape:

Frugal Fare:

  • Table Talk: Basic table wines come in cases for $5-15 per bottle, translating to a reasonable $60-180 for a 12-pack.

Boutique Beauties:

  • Vineyard Gems: Cases from smaller wineries with limited-production wines cost $40-100+ per bottle, totaling several hundred for the case.

Investment-Worthy Wines:

  • Grand Cru Grails: Iconic names like French Bordeaux or Napa Cabernets can hit $1,000+ per case, making them serious investments for collectors.

Grocery Staples & Subscription Savings:

Sweet Spot for Splendid Sipping:

  • Happy Palates: For most parties, budget $200 to $500 for a case that hits the mark on both quality and value.

So, raise a glass to informed wine-buying! With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be the party host everyone raises a toast to – and avoids the dreaded “wine is gone” whispers.

To Buy in Case Format, or Not to Buy?


  • Better cost savings – volume discounts of 10-20% per bottle
  • Convenience of delivery instead of multiple trips to the store
  • Expanded selection through wine clubs focused on discovery
  • Ability to cellar more bottles at once to build up a collection
  • Option to pre-pay lower prices on futures cases for investment


  • Large upfront costs for full cases – could tie up $100s per case purchase
  • Storage space needed at home to hold wine case boxes and bottles
  • Shipping costs if not buying locally or offers don’t include free delivery
  • Chance of wine going bad if full case isn’t consumed within 1-2 years
  • Delayed gratification waiting for case wine arrivals compared to in-store

Buying Wine by the Case: Tips, Tricks, and Carts

Forget those lonely bottles gathering dust in your fridge. Buying wine by the case is a portal to a world of flavor, savings, and joyful gifting. But where do you start? This guide unlocks the secrets of building custom cases that rock, snagging price-worthy deals, and choosing the perfect case-based presents for every occasion.

Building Custom Wine Cases That Rock:

Mix and Match Magic: Craft a case that sings to your palate! Craving oaky, full-bodied reds for cozy nights? Or perhaps crisp, light whites for breezy brunches? Curate a collection to suit your mood and culinary pairings. Throw in a funky orange wine for the adventurous or a racy rosé to add a splash of fun. Most shops let you handpick 12 bottles or curate online. Remember, balance is key – mix new discoveries with old favorites and trust wine steward suggestions for foolproof food pairings. Your custom case will be a symphony of flavors you’ll adore.

Saving Money on Case Wine Deals:

Bulk Discount Bonanza: Buying in bulk unlocks the treasure chest of volume discounts! Most retailers offer an automatic 10-15% off per bottle for full case purchases. Keep an eye out for sales, clearances, and winery club deals – the deeper the markdown, the sweeter the stocking-up spree. Limiting shipping costs is another money-saver. Many stores offer free delivery when you meet their case minimums. Feeling social? Splitting cases with fellow wine enthusiasts doubles the variety and halves the expense, while still bringing home individual bottle discounts.

Key Occasions Fit for Case Wine Gifting:

Milestone Mementos: Housewarmings, graduations, retirements – life’s big moments deserve a commemorative case! Classy Champagnes or beloved Rieslings elevate any celebration. For birthdays and anniversaries, a custom case highlighting their vintage year adds a personal touch. Don’t forget the “unicorn” factor! Mixing in a single, higher-end bottle makes the case extra special. Multipack samplers tailored to their taste bud adventures will unleash their inner oenophile. And remember, presentation matters – dress up your case with a festive bow or a decorative wine crate for a truly unforgettable gift.

Indicators of Case Wine Bargains and Values:

Decoding Deals: Professional ratings are a good starting point, with scores of 86+ signaling quality worth savoring. But the real value lies in comparing case prices to average single-bottle retail. If 12 bottles bring the total cost down, it’s a bargain! Discounts deeper than the usual 10-15% might hint at limited-inventory closeouts, so grab those treasures before they’re gone. Comparing regional case price averages also exposes hidden gems. For example, knowing that Loire Valley Cab Franc averages $15-25 per bottle helps you spot a $180-300 case as a steal. And while coveted 2016 Napa Cabs might justify a $800+ case, remember, the most priceless purchase is always one that resonates with your own unique taste.

Wines of the World

Wines of the World Await Discovery

Dreaming of Tuscan wineries or Aussie vineyards? Cases ship favorite regions and grapes directly! Old World European classics like Italian Chianti, Spanish Rioja and French Bordeaux showcase iconic homes for grapes like Sangiovese, Tempranillo and the red blend trio. Explore emergent Eastern European regions too like Portuguese Douro with fortified Ports and Croatian coastal Plavac Mali reds. In the New World, Chilean Carmenere and Sauvignon Blanc offer values from extended growing seasons. Argentinian Malbecs and Californian Zinfandels dial up bold fruity character. Wherever the source, cases expose wine lovers to signature regional styles from famous estates or small family-run hidden gems!

Rare Finds in Case Lots

While some wineries only produce a couple hundred cases in limited quantities, others number cases in the thousands! Boutique vineyards often reserve special single vineyard and reserve tier wines for loyal club members in just double to low triple digit cases annually. As premium estate lots, these bottlings showcase pinnacle productions. Big brand names bulk produce their entry tier cases mass marketed as affordable everyday drinking. Mastering volume production takes artistry too – consistency across thousands of cases keeps quality fans loyal. But for enophiles, there’s prestige in procuring those low 200-300 case exquisite lots holding flavor complexity money can’t always buy!

Bubbles to Sip by the Case

No celebration sends cheers like perfectly popped bubbly! For Champagne devotees, cases of grower-producer bottles rated 90+ fascinate compared to big houses. Seek small batch Classic Cuvée cases from local Reims grapes – or vintage bottles from momentous years. Beyond Champagne, Italian Prosecco and Spanish Cava make lively casual sparkling cases too. Stateside, California and Oregon producers craft crisp Méthode Champenoise spline. Nab Grower Champagne and domestic sparkling deal cases when they resurface as inventories ebb and flow. Whatever the source, having backup bubbles by the case sustains festive moods year-round!

Notable Wine Case Collections

Themed sampler cases make unique gifts for real oenophiles! Spanish Rioja estates offer mixed reds starring Tempranillo. Italian vineyard cases might highlight food-friendly picks like Chianti, Montepulciano, Amarone and Nebbiolo. German Riesling producers assemble sweet to dry bottles. French wine Trail gift sets mix classic regions – some spotlight just Champagne! California Cabernet clubs ship luxury Napa or Diverse SOCAL blends. NW vineyards from Oregon and Washington focus Pinot Noir and Bordeaux-style Reds respectively. Whatever the specialty, curated wine club cases impress recipients with hand-selected variety.

Wine Case FAQs: Uncorking the Mysteries

Ever felt a pang of confusion amidst the rows of captivating bottles? Worry not, fellow wine enthusiast, for here’s a helping hand to navigate the world of cases and quantities!

Is a case of wine 6 or 12 UK?

In the UK, the classic twelve-bottle case reigns supreme. Though you might encounter smaller offerings of six bottles, the “full case” usually houses a dozen 750ml wonders.

What is 24 bottles of wine called?

For those seeking a grander gesture, a case holding 24 bottles is often called a “double magnum” or simply a “double case.” Imagine, twice the joy contained within!

What are very large bottles of wine called?

Beyond the standard bottle sizes, wine offers giants like the magnum (twice the regular volume) and the jeroboam (four times!). And for truly extravagant occasions, a Methuselah holds six magnums, while a Salmanazar boasts twelve!

How many bottles is a Methuselah?

A mighty Methuselah cradles six bottles within its impressive frame, totaling a whopping 4.5 liters of vino. Talk about a statement piece!

Is it cheaper to buy wine by the case?

Often, yes! Buying by the case unlocks various benefits like discounts, convenience, and the thrill of having a ready-made cellar waiting to be explored. While not always true, it’s definitely worth comparing per-bottle prices to discover potential savings.

How Do You Get Free Case Shipping?

Lots of wine sellers give free shipping when you buy 12 or more bottles – since cases ship cheaper for them, they discount for you. Online wine clubs hook new members with a shipping perk. Or limited sale wines may ship free to move more inventory. Either way, scoring free delivery makes filling your cellar with a variety case pretty appealing!

With a dozen guidelines now in your back pocket, the wide country of wines by the case can be tackled with confidence. Whether you’re shopping for everyday quaffers or splurging on age-worthy investments, keeping quality, cost, and purpose top of mind ensures every 12-bottle haul hits the mark. Seek staff picks to break out of habits. Hunt ratings but also trust your tastebuds. And don’t just reserve cases for major events – make your average Tuesday night sip-worthy too! 2024 promises no shortage of magnificent wines awaiting their turn in your cellar. So stay curious, choose wisely and sip fully. Salut!