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Bonanza Wine Cabernet Sauvignon – Review

Tired of the same old, boring glass of wine with dinner? Does your Tuesday night Cabernet taste more like disappointment than delight? Well, ditch the diner drip and say hello to Bonanza Wine Cabernet Sauvignon by Caymus! This bottle is here to turn your weeknight routine into a celebration – and your taste buds will thank you for it.

Exact Wine Name: Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon
Producer: The Wagner Family of Wines (made by Caymus Vineyards)
Country/Region of Origin: California, USA (multi-appellation)
Grape Varietal(s): Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Red Wine
Style: Full-bodied, bold
Vintage Year: Not a single vintage, typically a blend of multiple years (non-vintage)
ABV: Around 14.6%
Price Range: USD $25 – $40
Aroma Profile Details: Currants, oak, dark fruit, subtle smokiness
Flavor Profile Details: Dark berries (blackberry, cassis), vanilla, toasty oak, silky tannins
Peak Drinking Window: Enjoyable upon release and can age for a few years (3-5 years)

Testing Notes

Tonight was no ordinary Tuesday! I decided to shake things up with something new – Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon by Caymus. The bottle itself grabbed my attention from the get-go. It had a simple picture and felt satisfyingly heavy in my hand, like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. Finally popping the cork, the first thing that hit me was the color. It was a deep, rich red, like the kind you see on my favorite superhero’s cape!

Overall, I was really impressed with this Bonanza Cab. It's a great choice for a casual weeknight dinner with grilled red meat or some BBQ. For the price, it delivers a lot of flavor and that classic California Cab character, without being too heavy or overwhelming. I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!


  • Easy-drinking and approachable style
  • Good value for money
  • Bold and flavorful profile typical of California Cabernet Sauvignon


  • Not a single-vintage wine, so the flavor profile may vary slightly from bottle to bottle
  • Lacks the complexity of some higher-end Cabernet Sauvignons


  • Drinkability 4.5/5
  • Food Pairing 4.5/5
  • Value for Money 4.3/5
  • Personal Preference 4.5/5

But the real fun started when I took a whiff. My nose was instantly filled with all sorts of yummy smells. There were sweet blackberries and dark juicy grapes, for sure, but also a surprising hint of smokiness, like roasting marshmallows over a campfire on a summer night. It smelled sophisticated and intriguing, but also kind of inviting, making me curious to take a sip.

The first sip was another surprise! I’ve heard grown-up drinks like Cabernet Sauvignon can be a little rough on your tongue, but this one was totally different. It went down super smooth, almost like fancy juice. The taste was like a party in my mouth! I could taste those yummy blackberries again, but there was also a hint of something sweet and creamy, like the vanilla ice cream I love after dinner. And there was this toasty flavor too, kind of like the smell of burnt marshmallows without the char. It wasn’t the most complex taste ever, but it was definitely delicious and easy to drink, like my favorite juice box but all grown up.

This Bonanza Cab is a total winner for me! It would be perfect for a family dinner with hamburgers or hot dogs sizzling on the grill. For the price, it’s like a superhero for your taste buds. It’s strong and yummy, but not too strong or too fancy. It’s just right for a grown-up drink that’s still fun to try. Next time you’re looking for something special for dinner that won’t break the bank, you should definitely give Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon a try!

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon

What Does Bonanza Wine Pair With?

So, you’ve uncorked your Bonanza Cab and are ready to explore its delicious depths. But what pairs best with this California sunshine in a bottle? Buckle up, because Bonanza is a versatile friend, ready to elevate a variety of dishes:

Fire Up the Grill: Dust off your grilling skills! Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is a match made in heaven for bold flavors. Grilled red meats like juicy steaks or succulent lamb chops stand up perfectly to the wine’s robust character.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race: Planning a cozy night in with a hearty stew or braise? Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon will be your perfect partner in crime. The wine’s rich body complements the slow-cooked flavors beautifully, creating a truly satisfying experience.

BBQ Bliss: Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with some good old-fashioned barbecue. The smoky notes in the wine will echo the delicious char on your ribs or pulled pork, creating a symphony of flavor in your mouth.

Cheese Dreams: Don’t forget the cheeseboard! Aged cheeses like cheddar or gouda find their perfect match in Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine’s tannins help cut through the richness of the cheese, creating a delightful balance on your palate.

Bonanza Wine: Know Your Limits

While Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon loves a good party, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your culinary companions:

Lighten Up: This wine loves bold flavors. For lighter dishes like fish or salads, you might find the tannins a bit overwhelming. Opt for a lighter-bodied wine to complement these delicate flavors.

Spice it Up (Maybe Not): Spicy food can be a tricky pairing with Bonanza Cab. The chili peppers can accentuate the tannins in the wine, making it taste harsh. If you’re craving something spicy, consider pairing it with a different wine, or go mild on the spice level.

Bonanza Bonanza: Every Day Can Be a Celebration

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t just for special occasions. Here’s why it deserves a spot on your regular wine rack:

Weekday Wonder: Tired of the same old routine? Elevate your weeknight dinners with Bonanza Cab. It’s easy-drinking enough to enjoy with a casual meal, yet flavorful enough to impress your taste buds.

California Cab on a Budget: Craving that bold California Cabernet character without breaking the bank? Bonanza Cab is your answer. It delivers exceptional value for the price, offering a taste of the sunshine state without the hefty price tag.

So next time you’re looking for a delicious and affordable way to add a touch of excitement to your day, grab a bottle of Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s the perfect everyday wine to turn any occasion into a celebration!

The Verdict: A Bonanza for Your Taste Buds?

Alright, alright, so here’s the real deal on Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon by Caymus. This California Cab is like the fun friend you want at every dinner party. It’s smooth, not too harsh, and bursting with yummy fruity flavors that everyone can enjoy. No matter if it’s a casual Tuesday night with burgers on the grill or a fancy cheese night with friends, Bonanza goes with pretty much everything! Plus, the price tag won’t break the bank – score!

There’s just one thing to remember – Bonanza might be a little too strong for light foods like fish or salad. Spicy food can also be tricky with this wine. But the best way to find out if Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is your new favorite is to try it yourself! Next time you want a taste of California sunshine in your glass, grab a bottle. Let us know in the comments below – is Bonanza awesome for your taste buds, or would you try a different California Cab instead? We love hearing what you think!


What kind of wine is Bonanza?

Bonanza is a Cabernet Sauvignon, a red wine known for its bold and full-bodied character.

Who owns Bonanza Winery?

There isn’t actually a “Bonanza Winery.” The Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is produced by The Wagner Family of Wines, though it’s specifically made by Caymus Vineyards, another winery they own.

What is the alcohol content of Bonanza wine?

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon typically has an alcohol content (ABV) around 14.6%.

Where is Bonanza wine made?

Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon is a California wine, but it’s not a single-vineyard designate. The grapes might come from various appellations within California.