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2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Craving a bold Cabernet Sauvignon experience that lingers on the palate? Then buckle up, because we’re diving into the world of the 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon, a Napa Valley gem waiting to be discovered.

From its inky depths to its complex flavor profile, this wine promises an unforgettable journey for your taste buds. So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just starting your exploration, join us as we unveil the secrets of this captivating Cabernet!

Exact Wine Name: RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Producer: RARECAT Wines
Country/Region of Origin: United States, Napa Valley
Grape Varietal(s): 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: Red Wine
Style: Full-bodied, rich, complex
Vintage Year: 2017
Price Range: $175 per bottle (according to RARECAT Wines website)
ABV: 14.7%
Aroma Profile Details: Black fruit (plum, blackberry), spice (cocoa, licorice), red fruit (cherry), oak
Flavor Profile Details: Dark fruit, black cherry, plum, cocoa, licorice, big tannins, full body, bright acidity
Peak Drinking Window: 10-15 years from vintage (drinkable now, but will continue to evolve)

Testing Notes

The 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon recently crossed my path, and I couldn’t wait to delve into this Napa Valley expression. Upon pouring, the wine displayed a deep, almost inky color, hinting at the richness that awaited. The first swirl brought forth an enticing bouquet of black fruit, primarily plum and blackberry, interwoven with hints of spice like cocoa and licorice. A touch of red fruit, likely cherry, peeked through, adding a layer of complexity.

As I took the first sip, the full-bodied nature of the wine became immediately apparent. It coated my palate with a burst of dark fruit flavors, mirroring the aromas. The presence of black cherry and plum was undeniable, complemented by subtle notes of cocoa and licorice. The tannins were substantial, yet surprisingly smooth, leaving a pleasant and lingering sensation. A refreshing burst of acidity balanced the richness, making each sip enjoyable.

Overall, the 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and impressive wine, offering a memorable experience for those who appreciate complex and age-worthy Cabernets. While the price tag might be a consideration, the quality and taste profile are undeniable, making it a worthy choice for special occasions or for those who truly enjoy a bold and captivating Cabernet Sauvignon.


  • High-quality Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Unique blend from three distinct vineyards
  • Complex and layered flavor profile
  • Long aging potential


  • Expensive
  • Limited production and availability
  • Not everyone enjoys bold and tannic wines


  • Drinkability 4.0/5
  • Food Pairing 4.5/5
  • Value for Money 3.0/5
  • Personal Preference 4.0/5

Overall, the 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold and impressive wine. Its complex flavor profile, from the initial aromas to the lingering finish, is a testament to the quality of the grapes and the winemaking expertise behind it. While the price tag might place it on the higher end, the experience it delivers is sure to leave a lasting impression.

This wine would undoubtedly pair beautifully with a hearty meal. I imagine it complementing grilled meats, rich stews, or even portobello mushrooms perfectly. For those who enjoy bold and age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignons, the 2017 RARECAT is certainly worth seeking out.

Pairing Perfection: Matching the 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon boasts a bold and robust character, begging for food pairings that can stand up to its intensity. So, what culinary companions will truly elevate this Napa Valley gem?

Embrace the Bold:

For an unforgettable experience, turn to dishes that mirror the wine’s power and richness:

  • Thick-cut steaks: Grilled to perfection, these create a symphony of flavor with the Cabernet’s dark fruit notes and firm tannins.
  • Juicy burgers: Bursting with savory goodness, they find a perfect partner in the wine’s bold structure.
  • Meaty portobello mushrooms: Marinated and grilled, these offer a satisfying vegetarian option that complements the wine’s complexity.

What to Avoid:

While the 2017 RARECAT shines with robust dishes, there are certain pairings to gracefully sidestep:

  • Lighter-bodied foods: Delicate salads or fish can be easily overpowered by the wine’s boldness.
  • Dishes with subtle flavors: These may struggle to compete with the Cabernet’s prominent character.

A Moment to Savor:

The 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. Reserve this special bottle for:

  • Celebratory dinners: Add an unforgettable touch to the occasion.
  • Special occasions: This wine is a perfect partner for gatherings demanding a sophisticated touch.
  • Those who appreciate a bold and complex Cabernet Sauvignon: This RARECAT is a treat to be savored at any time.

The Final Sip: A Lasting Impression

The 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon is a bold statement in a glass. From its captivating aroma to its lingering finish, this Napa Valley gem offers a journey for the senses. Whether you’re seeking a perfect complement to a celebratory meal or simply want to experience a truly exceptional Cabernet, the 2017 RARECAT is a worthy choice. So, raise a glass and discover the power and elegance of this unforgettable wine.

5 FAQs about RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon:

What is RARECAT?

RARECAT is a producer of high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon wines from Napa Valley, California. They source grapes from three distinct vineyards in the region to create their unique blend.

What’s the price range for RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon?

The 2017 RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon retails for around $110 per bottle, placing it on the higher end of the price spectrum.

What does RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon taste like?

This wine is known for its bold and complex flavor profile, featuring notes of black fruit (plum, blackberry), dark cherry, cocoa, licorice, and big tannins. It boasts a full body and lingering finish with bright acidity.

What food pairs well with RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon?

Due to its richness and boldness, this wine pairs best with robust dishes like thick-cut steaks, juicy burgers, barbecued meats, and portobello mushrooms. Lighter-bodied foods or dishes with delicate flavors are better avoided.

Is RARECAT Cabernet Sauvignon a good value for the price?

This depends on your individual perspective and budget. While the quality of the wine is undeniable, the price tag might be a deterrent for some. Consider your preference for bold Cabernet Sauvignons and your budget before making a decision.

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