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LaMarca Prosecco Rosé V21 Review

Craving a rosé that screams “weekend vibes”? Forget boring bubbles; LaMarca Prosecco Rose V21 is sunshine in a glass! ☀️ Sparkling with pink joy, its juicy whispers of peach & raspberry are begging to burst free. Ditch the stuffy stuff; this unpretentious party starter won’t break the bank, just your expectations. Ready to paint your palate pink? Dive in for the full scoop!

Exact Wine Name: La Marca Prosecco Rosé V21
Producer: La Marca
Country/Region of Origin: Italy, Veneto
Grape Varietal(s): Glera (85-90%), Pinot Noir (10-15%)
Type: Sparkling / Rosé Wine
Style: Dry
Aroma: Wild strawberry, fresh-picked citrus, honeysuckle, white peach, ripe raspberry, juicy pear, ripe red cherry
Vintage Year: 2021
Retail Price Range: $15-$20 USD
ABV: 11%
Rating: 4.5/5

Tasting Notes – Appearance and Initial Aromas

Forget FOMO, this La Marca Rosé is all about JOMO – joy of missing out on anything else. Pop the cork and be greeted by a burst of sunshine in a glass – a pale pink that shimmers like a pool party at golden hour. The aroma? Think strawberry daiquiris with your best buds, whispers of grapefruit soda, and a hint of that good old-fashioned honeysuckle growing over grandma’s porch.

First sip? Bubbles explode like confetti cannons on your tongue, then melt away like secrets shared under fairy lights. The flavor? A juicy dance party of ripe raspberries, crisp white peach, and a pear so sweet it practically winks at you. And the best part? This Rosé isn’t trying to impress anyone with bone-dry seriousness. It’s all about keeping it real, refreshingly crisp with just the right amount of sweetness to linger like a flirty text.

This ain’t your stuffy champagne for stuffy occasions. This is brunch with your squad, poolside sips with your bestie, or a spontaneous “cheers to Tuesday” on your rooftop. It’s the kind of wine that begs for good vibes and even better company, the perfect soundtrack to laughter and making memories (that you’ll definitely remember, unlike grandpa’s stories about ’78, am I right?).

La Marca Prosecco Rosé is a crowd-pleaser, offering a delightful and refreshing bubbly experience at an affordable price. Its light style, fruity flavors, and versatility make it a perfect choice for any casual gathering or celebration. While it might not be the most complex rosé Prosecco out there, it delivers consistent quality and easy-drinking enjoyment.


  • Affordable
  • Refreshing and flavorful
  • Versatile food pairing options
  • Easy to drink


  • Not as complex as some other sparkling wines
  • Can be a bit sweet for some palates


  • Drinkability 4.5/5
  • Food Pairing 5.0/5
  • Value for Money 4.5/5
  • Personal Preference 4.0/5

So ditch the overpriced bottles and pretentious labels. This La Marca Rosé is your new BFF – affordable, unpretentious, and always down for a good time. It’s like that pair of ripped jeans that makes you feel effortlessly cool, the wine equivalent of your favorite Spotify playlist. Trust me, one sip and you’ll be saying “same, Rosé, same” to every delicious drop.

Cheers to living life in the pink bubble, because this La Marca ain’t just a drink, it’s a vibe.

The LaMarca Prosecco Rose Bottle Overview

Sun-kissed grapes grown in rolling Prosecco hills? Check. The La Marca fam picks their juiciest from those very slopes, near Conegliano, where limestone-rich soil works its magic. Expert Blending? Double check. They hand-pick the best 2021 grapes, including a touch of Pinot Noir gently kissed pink, then work some bubbly tank magic to make it dance. Short and sweet yeast-y slumber? You betcha. This keeps the fruity fun alive and kicking.

The result? A glassful of sunshine trapped in pink! Eight grams of sweetness play tag with zippy acidity, creating a balance that’s both fun and fresh. And let’s talk about that color… it beckons you in like a summer sunset, begging to be sipped.

Food Pairing Recommendations

Prosecco’s vibrant acidity and aromatics lend themselves to a variety of lighter cuisine, with rosé versions equally versatile:

Seafood – Chilled peel n’ eat shrimp, poke bowls with salmon or tuna, ceviche with scallops or halibut all make easy pairings

Cheese – Young funky styles like Robiola pair playfully with the wine’s fruitiness but not too bold to clash

Vegetarian – Dishes with bright flavors like beet salads with citrus vinaigrettes or avocado toast with radishes

Pizza/Pasta – Margherita pizza, cacio e pepe, pesto linguine or light veggie primavera dishes

Dessert – Fresh fruit tarts, meringues with whipped cream, floral infused panna cotta

Overall Impressions

La Marca’s Prosecco Rosé hits the ground running like a rockstar in this brand-new rosé category. They take their signature Glera grapes, bursting with pear, citrus, and juicy stone fruit, and add a playful touch of Pinot Noir for a kiss of cherry blossom elegance and a whisper of extra weight on the palate. But don’t worry, your taste buds won’t be weighed down – a mouthwatering acidity keeps things light and lively, making each sip an invigorating dance on your tongue.

These pioneers of Prosecco in the US saw the bubbly potential of rosé, and this debut release proves it. Their expert winemaking shines through in the impeccable balance and undeniable charm. It’s not just for posh parties, mind you. This rosé loves picnics, brunches, and even casual Tuesday evenings, making friends with everything on your plate. And the best part? The gorgeous bottle and friendly price tag (under $20!) will leave you smiling brighter than the pink hue in your glass.

Get ready for La Marca’s Prosecco Rosé to become your new go-to for good times, good vibes, and good food. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser for years to come, a sparkling staple on your entertaining bookshelf. Dive in for the full story and prepare to fall in love with pink bubbles all over again!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Prosecco Rosé different than rosé Champagne?

While both feature a pink hue and bubbles, Prosecco Rosé allows some blending of Pinot Noir for color and fruitiness vs Champagne rosé made solely by limited skin contact with black grapes. And Prosecco is produced via cost effective tank method vs Champagne’s expensive traditional method involving a second bottle fermentation.

What’s a perfect serving temperature for Prosecco Rosé?

43-46°F puts the wine in optimal condition to express fruity aromas and zesty acidity. Warmer than 50°F and the bubbles tend to dominate sensation. Any colder mutes the flavor spectrum.

Can Prosecco Rosé improve with age?

No – these wines are meant to be enjoyed very young, within 1-2 years of the vintage date, while fruitiness remains bright. Extended aging causes them to lose their signature vibrant charm.

Does Prosecco Rosé need to be decanted before serving?

Absolutely not – extended exposure to oxygen causes delicate aromatics and pinpoint bubbles to dissipate. Serve immediately after removing the foil and cage to best showcase the wine’s irresistible bouquet and texture.