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Cooper’s Hawk Winery Romance Red Wine Review

The blaze in my fireplace beckoned as I eyed the bottle on my countertop. Wrapped in purple wax and adorned with a minimalist heart, it stood out from my usual cellar offerings. “Romance Red Wine” read its label in cursive font. I had no one to share it with tonight but still felt compelled to unwrap its promise.

Exact Wine Name: Cooper’s Hawk Winery Romance Red
Producer: Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants (USA)
Country/Region of Origin: United States
Grape Varietal(s): Primarily Concord grapes, with possible blends of other red grape varieties.
Type: Sweet Red Wine
Style: Dessert Wine
Aroma: Light cherry red color, fragrant with notes of Concord grapes, maraschino cherry, and subtle spice.
Vintage Year: Non-vintage blend, meaning grapes from multiple years are used.
Retail Price Range: $15-$20 USD
ABV: 10.5%
Awards Won: No major awards found.
Aroma Profile Details: Concord grape jelly, fresh grapes, maraschino cherry, faint hints of cinnamon and clove.
Flavor Profile Details: Decadent and medium-bodied, with juicy flavors of cherry, grape, and hints of spice. Balanced sweetness and acidity.

Tasting Notes

With the fireplace popping, I began my solo date with Cooper’s Hawk’s liquid affection. As suggested, I sampled chilled, allowing its sensuality to unfold across my tongue.

Eyes: In the glass, saturated crimson with traces of purple at the meniscus looked like dried rose petals, softly shifting from red to black hues.

Nose: Whole black cherries, raspberry preserves and touches of peppery spice leapt from my glass. With more air, vanilla and cocoa hints emerged.

Cooper's Hawk Winery Romance Red is a delightful dessert wine offering sweet and juicy flavors of Concord grapes and cherry, perfect for romantic occasions, dessert pairings, or simply a relaxed evening indulgence. While it might not be the most complex dessert wine on the market, its approachable style and affordability make it a charming choice for many.


  • Affordable: Priced competitively in the dessert wine category.
  • Easy to drink: Smooth and approachable with balanced sweetness and acidity.
  • Versatile pairing: Pairs well with a variety of sweet and savory foods.
  • Romantic vibes: The name and flavor profile make it a charming choice for special occasions.


  • Sweetness: Might be too sweet for some palates who prefer drier wines.
  • Simple profile: Lacks the complexity of some high-end dessert wines.
  • Non-vintage: Vintage variations might affect the flavor profile slightly.


  • Drinkability 4.0/5
  • Food Pairing 4.0/5
  • Value for Money 3.5/5
  • Personal Preference 3.5/5

Tongue: An initial juicy splash of Concord grape sweetness followed by lush cherry and berry fruit washed smoothly over my palate. As it aired and mingled, underlying notes of cedar, vanilla and exotic baking spices revealed themselves.

Body: Surprisingly lighter than its heady aromas suggested, almost juicy rather than thick. The red fruit sweetness hit gently rather than cloying. Hints of tannins lent structure but silkiness prevailed.

The Story: With each progressive sip, flavors coupled and uncoupled gracefully. Sweet fruit flavor played in harmony with vanilla oak and spice, settling into a beautiful balance reminiscent of old vines – comforting yet still adventurous. This wine truly captured both the familiarity and excitement of romantic affection.

Pairings: Chocolate, Cheese and Me

When Cooper’s Hawk suggested chocolate and cheese as prime pairings, my mind leapt to an evening of hedonistic snacking. I gathered supplies: aged cheddar with fig jam, prosciutto, Ghiradelli chocolate squares, and marcona almonds.

Bite after bite revealed the versatility hiding behind the prevalent fruit notes. Salty prosciutto heightened the succulent cherry tones. Smoky cheddar played against the lingering Concord sweetness. And dark chocolate? Utter bliss. Just as suggested, this wine worked magic on sweets. Suddenly, my casual nibbles transformed into an ALC culinary delight.

As I continued to nosh, it hit me how content I felt even while drinking solo. No restlessness or boredom; just complete immersion in how each flavor sparked new wine sensations. Cooper’s Hawk was onto something – the right pour transforms everything.

Enjoy with:

  • Chocolate desserts
  • Fruit-based desserts
  • Cheese plates, especially blue cheese
  • Lighter grilled or roasted meats

Avoid pairings: Spicy foods, heavy cream sauces, seafood

Romance Red by Occasion

My Friday night may have started with no one but me on the couch, but the Romance Red worked its magic anyway. Its lush fruit purity evoked intimacy’s comforting familiarity while subtle tannins and spices added adventure’s thrill. This wine stirred the soul’s romantic center, minus the mate.

But I imagined how much more intense that romantic anesthesia would be when sharing with someone special. As those supple cherry and vanilla notes warmed me inside, my mind wandered…

A beachside anniversary toast at sunset… passing the bottle etched in our wedding date to replay our first dance in the sand. An impromptu date on the back deck after the kids went down, forgetting dishes and work deadlines. A proposal picnic punctuated by this perfect wine for newly betrothed sips.

Maybe most of all, a snowy holiday night like this one made exponentially cozier with the heat of two glasses instead of one.

However you spend your next romantic evening, Cooper’s Hawk’s passion-inducing pour deserves a seat at the occasion.

Parting Sip: A Wine That Whispers While It Roars

As I tipped back the final succulent splash, the spice and dried fruit finish warmed by belly like a last kiss goodnight. Enthusiastically polishing it off, I understood why the wax seal beckoned despite having no apparent recipient to share it with originally.

Some wines shout; this one whispers…seductively drawing you back until it crescendos into a full-blown sonnet for the senses.

Fruit greets you but then it swells into deeper layers of flavor – oak, clove, licorice, and chocolate. Notes couple and uncouple gracefully like dance partners. Sweetness comforts then spice and acidity thrill.

And while phenomenal solo, how much more would that thrill electrify when enjoyed in good company? Much like romance itself, Cooper’s Hawk captures how the comforts of the familiar always leave us thirsty for more. For adventure, mystery…for embracing both sides of love’s coin.

Tonight this purpose-driven red exceeded expectations. Crafted for affections and occasions, it spoke clearly through juice alone – no wings or arrows necessary. Savor it with someone special for maximum magic. Or savor it solo to center your inner romantic. However you uncork, Cooper’s Hawk pours emotion…and intimacy soon follows.

Frequently Asked Questions of This Romance Red Wine

What grapes make up the Romance Red?

It blends Concord grapes and black cherries with other red varietals like Syrah, Tempranillo and Alicante Bouschet.

What type of wine is Cooper’s Hawk Romance Red?

It is a proprietary red blend made specifically by Cooper’s Hawk.

Does it taste sweet?

Yes, the blend has a touch of sweetness from Concord grapes. But it is not overly sweet due to other dry grapes.

What food is this wine best with?

It pairs wonderfully with chocolate, cheese plates, lighter meats and fruit-based desserts. Avoid seafood and spicy dishes.

When should I drink this wine?

It makes a perfect sipping wine for date nights, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or even enjoying solo.