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Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 – Review

Craving sun-kissed sips and summer smiles? ☀️ Dive into Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022! This pale pink beauty explodes with juicy fruit, whispers of citrus, and a kiss of minerality. It’s beach bonfires, laughter-filled picnics, and pure summer vibes in a glass. Ready to get your rosé on? Let’s go!

Exact Wine Name: Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022
Producer: Wines by Kylie Minogue
Country/Region of Origin: Vin de France, France
Grape Varietals: 80% Grenache + 20% Cinsault
Type: Rosé Wine
Style: Dry, crisp, and refreshing
Aroma: Delicate and alluring, with fresh summer berries (strawberry, raspberry), white blossom, and hints of grapefruit and watermelon
Vintage Year: 2022
Retail Price Range (USD): $11 – $22
ABV: 12.5%
Awards Won: None yet, released in 2022
Aroma Profile Details: Floral, fruity, citrusy, subtle minerality
Flavor Profile Details: Dry, crisp, fruity, with zesty citrus notes and a long, silky finish

Testing Notes

Forget Provence fantasies, this pale blush in a glass screams “barefoot beach bonfire.” The nose whispers delicate strawberry and grapefruit, like a flirty first hello.

First sip? Crisp, refreshing cranberries and raspberries crash into a citrusy wave, then fade into a cool, mineral whisper. Light, lively, and not taking itself too seriously – like a summer fling you know won’t last, but damn, it’s fun.

Grilled seafood? Yes, please. The smoky notes echo the mineral whispers, making each bite a beachy tango. But honestly, this wine thrives on good company and laughter, not fancy pairings. It’s the soundtrack to carefree evenings, flowing from conversation to clinking glasses like fireflies dancing in the twilight. and the best part ? It’s Suitable for vegans!

Overall, Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 is a refreshing and well-made rosé that offers good value for money. It's perfect for enjoying on its own or with light summer fare.


  • Fresh and vibrant fruit flavors
  • Crisp and refreshing
  • Well-balanced and elegant
  • Value for money
  • Celebrity association


  • Simple and light-bodied
  • Limited availability
  • Price for celebrity association


  • Drinkability 4.0/5
  • Food Pairing 4.0/5
  • Value for Money 4.0/5
  • Personal Preference 4.2/5

Sure, some might crave a complex symphony, but this rosé is a summer haiku: bright, fruity, and gone too soon. But just like that perfect beach fling, it leaves you with a smile and a craving for more.

Bottom line: If you want a light, fun, and unpretentious rosé for warm nights and sandy toes, grab this. It’s not a Nobel Prize winner, but it’s the perfect summer fling in a glass.

Kylie Rosé 2022: Bite & Sip Matchmaker

Craving juicy sips and delicious bites? Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 just wants to play! Here’s what goes down like sunshine in a glass:

Food Friends:

Beach Bonfire Buddies: Salt-baked cod, grilled fennel, fresh olives – let the sea air carry the flavors!

Picnic Partners: Pan-fried bar with zesty tomato & basil? Yum! Asian adventures too – think satays, curries, noodles.

Light & Lively Lovers: Skip the heavy stuff, keep it creamy-free. Spicy & acidic? Not this wine’s jam.

Food Foes:

Red Meat Rumble: They’re too beefy for this light dance.

Creamy Calamity: Fettuccine Alfredo? More like fettuccine “no way!”

Spicy Showdown: Let the chili cool it down, this rosé wants balance.

When to Uncork the Sunshine:

Unleash the magic of Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 whenever good times beckon. Spring and summer gatherings, picnic spreads, or simply a solo toast to a warm evening – let this rosé paint your moments with delicious sunshine.

Kylie Minogue Vineyard
Kylie Minogue Vineyard

Final Verdict: Summer Bliss with a Blush

Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 delivers exactly what it promises: a refreshingly fruity escape in a glass. It’s not the most complex rosé, but that’s its charm. It’s light, lively, and bursting with summer flavors that beg for warm evenings and good company.

Is it the ultimate rosé for seasoned wine snobs? Probably not. But for those seeking an unpretentious and delicious companion to picnics, beach bonfires, or simply savoring a sunset moment, this blush beauty hits the spot. Its crisp acidity pairs perfectly with seafood and light summer fare, while its vibrant fruitiness keeps the good times flowing.

So, if you’re looking for a wine that sings of sunshine and carefree vibes, raise a glass to Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022. It’s not a complex symphony, but it’s a catchy summer tune that leaves you craving more. Cheers to that! ☀️

Kylie Minogue Rosé 2022 FAQs:

Is Kylie Minogue rose wine good?

Kylie Minogue rose wine is a well-made, attractive, and refreshing wine that has a creamy, fruity, and floral character. It is a good value choice for summer or anytime.

Is Kylie Minogue rose sparkling?

Kylie Minogue has two types of rose sparkling wines: a Prosecco Rosé and a No Alcohol Sparkling Rosé. The Prosecco Rosé is an elegant and crisp wine with notes of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blossom. The No Alcohol Sparkling Rosé is a refreshing and finely balanced non-alcoholic drink with notes of fresh strawberries and a complex, dry finish.

How many calories in a bottle of Kylie rosé?

The calories in a bottle of Kylie rosé may vary depending on the type and size of the bottle. However, one estimate is that a 5-ounce serving of Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rosé has 69 calories, which means that a 25-ounce bottle would have approximately 345 calories. Another estimate is that Kylie Minogue No Alcohol Sparkling Rosé has 22 calories per 100ml, which means that a 75cl bottle would have approximately 165 calories.

Is Kylie Minogue Rose dry or sweet?

Kylie Rose is a dry wine with about 4 grams of residual sugar per litre. It has a delicate and crisp acidity that balances the fruitiness and sweetness of the wine.

What does Kylie Minogue Rose taste like?

Kylie Minogue Rose has a pale pink colour and a delicate and fruity aroma with notes of crisp summer berries and blossom. On the palate, it has a silky and expressive texture with flavours of peach, pear, strawberry, and tangerine. It has a smooth and elegant finish with a hint of almond.

Is Kylie Minogue still married?

Kylie Minogue is not married. She was engaged to a British actor, but they split in 2017. She was most recently dating a magazine director, but they were reported to have split up in early 2023.