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2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling – Review

The sun-drenched hills of Marlborough, New Zealand, whisper tales of crisp air and vibrant fruit. And within each bottle of the 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling, those whispers turn into a symphony for your senses. Let’s dive into the heart of this exceptional wine, unraveling its secrets and pairing it with culinary delights.

Exact Wine Name: Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling (2022)
Producer: Whitehaven Wine Company
Country/Region of Origin: New Zealand, Marlborough
Grape Varietal(s): 100% Riesling
Type: White Wine
Style: Dry Riesling
Aroma: Lifted notes of lime zest, green apple, and freshly cut flowers, with a hint of honey and wet stone.
Vintage Year: 2022
Retail Price Range: $15-25 USD
ABV: 12.5%
Peak Drinking Window: Enjoy young to enjoy its vibrant fruitiness, but can age for 3-5 years for richer complexity.
Appearance: Pale straw with shimmering green hues.
Classification Status: Premium New Zealand Riesling

Testing Notes & Review

The glass cradled a pale straw, sunlight trapped within. A swirl released fragrant whispers – lime zest, green apple, a touch of honeysuckle. It was the 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling, untasted on my tongue, a promise waiting to be unveiled.

The first sip danced on the palate, light and bright. Lemon and Granny Smith apple pirouetted, their tartness balanced by a gentle kiss of honey. Crisp acidity, vibrant as spring rain, cleansed the senses, each swallow leaving a mouthwatering echo.

As the wine warmed, a deeper melody emerged. Wet stones, a whisper of minerality, added complexity to the fruit’s vibrant chorus. The finish, long and graceful, lingered with a gentle citrus caress.

Pale sun trapped in a glass, 2022 Whitehaven bursts with lime & apple. Crisp as spring rain, it dances with subtle honey & stone whispers. Asian spice finds its zingy match, salads sing fresh duets, goat cheese offers creamy harmony. Avoid rich heaviness, sugary shouts. This sun-kissed Riesling hums anytime, lunch, dinner, picnics. Pure fruit, playful acidity, value whispers. Raise a glass, let the Marlborough symphony play.


  • Vibrant and expressive fruit notes
  • Crisp acidity that keeps the palate refreshed
  • Balanced sweetness that adds complexity without being cloying
  • Excellent value for money
  • Versatile food pairing potential


  • Might be too light-bodied for some who prefer fuller wines
  • Limited availability due to its popularity


  • Drinkability 5.0/5
  • Food Pairing 4.5/5
  • Value for Money 5.0/5
  • Personal Preference 4.5/5

This was no simple sun-kissed Riesling; it was a symphony of terroir, each note played with precision and elegance. The fruit’s purity, the acidity’s vibrancy, the subtle mineral whispers – all woven together in a harmonious melody.

Food pairings came to mind effortlessly. Spicy Thai curries, their heat tamed by the wine’s refreshing acidity. Crisp green salads, their flavors sharpened by the citrusy dance. Creamy goat cheese, its richness balanced by the wine’s delicate touch.

The 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling wasn’t just a drink; it was an invitation. An invitation to bask in the New Zealand sun, to taste the land itself in every sip. It was a poem penned in grapes, a symphony in a glass, a moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure.

This wine didn’t need grand pronouncements. It spoke for itself, each whisper a testament to its craftsmanship, its purity, its soul. And in that quiet eloquence, I found myself wanting more, ready to raise a glass again and let the symphony play on.

Culinary Comrades: Where to Dine with 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling

The 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling sings a vibrant melody on the palate, its crisp acidity and sun-kissed fruit eager to find harmony with the right companion. Let’s explore where this captivating wine shines brightest.

Perfect Partners:

Spicy Symphonies: Asian cuisine takes center stage. The Riesling’s refreshing acidity cuts through the fiery Thai curries and Vietnamese spring rolls, leaving a cool balance in its wake. Bold flavors find a friend in the wine’s bright fruitiness, creating a delightful duet.

Delicious Duets: Crisp green salads, their verdant notes echoing the wine’s freshness, make a simple yet satisfying pairing. Seafood, especially shellfish, finds a kindred spirit in the Riesling’s minerality, creating a sea-kissed symphony. Creamy goat cheese, its richness embraced by the wine’s gentle touch, offers a contrasting yet complementary dance.

Pairs to Avoid:

Heavy Harmony: Steaks and creamy pastas, though tempting, overpower the Riesling’s delicate melody. Their richness drowns out the wine’s subtle notes, leaving a discordant echo.

Sweet Serenade: The wine’s own natural sweetness clashes with overly sugary desserts. The resulting cacophony of sweetness leaves both elements muted, a missed opportunity for both.

Timeless Tunes:

This versatile Riesling isn’t confined to a specific setting. Lunch, dinner, or even an afternoon picnic under the warm sun – its refreshing acidity makes it a welcome companion at any time. So, uncork a bottle, let the melody play, and discover the perfect pairing for your own culinary adventure.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling isn’t just a drink; it’s a vibrant melody whispered in grapes. Its sun-kissed fruit dances with crisp acidity, offering a symphony of fresh flavors eager to mingle with the right culinary companion.

In Asian cuisine, it finds a fiery counterpart, the spice tamed by its refreshing touch. Crisp salads and delicate seafood sing alongside its minerality, while creamy goat cheese offers a contrasting, creamy balance. But remember, harmony lies in avoiding the overpoweringly rich and overly sweet.

This Riesling welcomes you at any time – a lunchtime oasis, a dinnertime serenade, even a sun-kissed picnic companion. Uncork a bottle, let the melody play, and discover your own perfect culinary duet. The whispers await, urging you to explore and find the harmony that makes your own taste buds sing.

So raise a glass, dear reader, to the 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling. Let its symphony guide you, and may your own culinary adventure be filled with delicious discoveries. Cheers!


When is the best time to enjoy it?

This versatile Riesling is a anytime companion! Its refreshing acidity makes it perfect for lunch, dinner, or even an afternoon picnic under the warm sun. Uncork a bottle and let the melody play whenever you crave a vibrant sip.

Is it a sweet or dry Riesling?

The 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling is a dry Riesling, meaning it has minimal residual sugar. While it boasts vibrant fruit notes, they’re balanced by refreshing acidity, creating a crisp and invigorating experience.

How long can I age this wine?

While most enjoyable in its youth to savor the vibrant fruitiness, the wine can age for 3-5 years for those who prefer a richer complexity. But remember, the sun-kissed melody shines brightest when enjoyed fresh.

What makes this Riesling special?

The 2022 Whitehaven Marlborough Riesling stands out for its pure fruit expression, crisp acidity, and excellent value for money. It’s a true symphony of New Zealand terroir, capturing the essence of sun-drenched grapes in every sip. Its versatility and refreshing character make it a crowd-pleaser, perfect for any occasion.